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OOC Information:
Name: Star
Age: 19
Plurk: halycon_heart (This is probably the BEST way to reach me.)

IC Information:
Name: Sam Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural
Timeline: End of season three (Season three, episode 16); When the demon Lilith blasts Sam with a bright light, he wakes up and finds himself in this new city.
Age: 23
Appearance: Standing taller than the average man, Sam is young, mentally malleable, and for the most part, has a variety of expressions. Although he's known for his 'puppy-dog face' (in which he has big eyes and a pout), more often than not, he's sporting various assortments of expressions. He usually looks serious, but sometimes delves into angry, sad, or even happy faces. As for his state of dress, he dons casual clothes, usually jeans, a button up long sleeved shirt (with the sleeves rolled up), and a tan jacket. He has brown hair cut short into a bob of sorts and hazel eyes. Aside from his unusual height (which is about 6'5”), Sam is a pretty average guy with no particularly outstanding features. He does, however, have a pentagram tattoo on the left side of his chest (having it put there after he had been possessed by demons).

Abilities: In the point I'm taking Sam, all he can really do that's exponential is occasional have dream-like visions of the future and very weak telekinesis. They occur sometimes during sleep, but they also do happen when he's awake. Aside from his psychic abilities, which are later delved upon in further seasons, he has quite a bit of physical strength and has good combat skills. He is also trained in using firearms, and has some skills in lock-picking and car-jacking, but he really only uses those skills when the situation calls for it. Sam's weapons have all been taken away, and his abilities have been nerfed to 50%.

Personality: Sam is a determined and somewhat emotional-driven individual that would go to great lengths to do things for the people he loves. He is particularly attached to his older brother, Dean Winchester, and considers him to be the closest person to him. However, compared to his brother, Sam is the more rational, down-to-earth (or as down-to-earth you can get concerning the paranormal) one of the two, and prefers to do things only after thinking about the facts first. But this doesn't mean he's always a 'think first, act later' kind of guy; there have been occasions where Sam has been spontaneous and jumped the gun and done something without thinking it through, but more often than not, these happen only when he's trying to protect those closest to him (also more often than not, Dean). When the situation does arise where he has the opportunity to talk it out, Sam takes that chance and usually gets through to the person he's reasoning with. Or, if he doesn't necessarily get through, his chances of getting the opposite party to at least trust him happens quite often.

Although Sam is considered to be one of the more heartfelt, understanding characters in the series, he can still be stubborn and sometimes work up quite a temper. For example, when his father, John Winchester, was involved in season one, the two characters would consistently fight and argue, usually about the smallest things. When Sam was just out of high school, his dad scolded him and told him that if he was going to leave for college, he should never come back. (After being raised in a family of hunters, John couldn't stand to see his son go back to such normalcy, especially since Sam was already aware of all the things that went 'bump in the night'.)

All in all, Sam is a person with a big heart and a desire to protect as many people as he can. Since he's left college to continue hunting paranormal entities with his brother, Dean, he's taken on the role to try and save as many people as he can and defeat the evil beings, as well as fulfill some personal revenge along the way.

History: Although he was only a baby when it happened, Sam's undoubtedly most life altering experience was when a demon came into his room on the night that marked his age at six months old. The demon, Azazel, gave Sam demon blood to drink as to trigger the start of his plans for him when he would get older. Mary, Sam's mother, came into the nursery to stop the demon, instead only to be killed brutally by a fire (started by the demon). Her death marked the start of a hard life for Sam and his family. Bent on hunting down and killing the thing that killed her, John Winchester, Sam's father, took him and his brother, Dean Winchester, on various road trips until Sam was old enough to leave for college. Growing up was difficult for Sam, as he wanted to be a normal kid and go to one school like everyone else. Instead, he and his brother Dean went from school to school for very short periods of time while John went and took care of various cases concerning supernatural entities (ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc.). Because of John's lack of presence and parental figure growing up, Sam ended up looking up to Dean for help, advice, and guidance. Dean was and still is one of the most important people in his life, if not the only one.

Back tracking a little towards the end of his college years and start of his career as a hunter, it started with Dean coming to visit Sam and alert him that their father hadn't been home in a few days. After journeying with his brother and working a case with a vengeful spirit, Sam reluctantly tells Dean that he can't stay and help with the ghosts; he will still go to college and become a lawyer. His plans are changed when the same night he returns, his girlfriend is killed in the same manner as their mother, via fire. Bent on revenge, Sam changes his decision and becomes a hunter like Dean, and the two work together to take care of ghosts around the country. Throughout their various cases, Sam gradually is introduced to the new found fact he has been given special abilities: telekinesis and premonitions. Although both powers are incredibly weak and Sam has no idea how to fully control them, they are still there and occasionally come in handy when working a case.

As Sam continues to take on a more active role as a hunter, an alarming discovery comes to light. Sam and Dean find out that Sam is supposedly be part of a war between humans and demons. While his role is still unknown, the two spend a majority of the time making sure Sam doesn't 'turn evil' or become what the demons say his destiny will be. At the end of season two, Sam is left with other adults of the same age, all with abilities of some sort, in the most haunted town in America. The purpose was to replicate a 'fight until the death' between the humans to show which one person could rise above the rest and inevitably lead the army of demons that Azazel, the demon that gave Sam the blood, would unleash from a Devil's Gate. While it seems like Sam will be the winner, thus the only one to escape out alive (and not necessarily lead the demon army), he instead gets stabbed in the back by another man with the ability of super strength. Sam is killed almost instantly and is only later revived by the work of his brother Dean, who made a deal with a demon. Through the deal, Sam was revived, but Dean would be condemned to hell in a year.

Season three, which is the season I will be pulling him out of, mainly deals with Sam and Dean trying to break Dean's deal so he doesn't have to go to hell. Throughout the season and through various lessons, Sam is forced to learn that there is no way to save his brother from hell. If he were to weasel out of the deal, Sam would die instantly, which is something Dean doesn't want to risk. Another demon appears, a demon by the name of Ruby, and she assists the boys in trying to defeat the demon that holds Dean's contract. However, while she is trying to help in her own, twisted way, she also continues to persuade Sam into using his psychic abilities, which is discovered that they are originated from the demon blood Azazel gave him as a baby. (Basically, Sam has demonic powers.) While he is very adamant about using his powers, especially when he is persuaded by a demon, something that is known for trickery and lying, his intentions eventually waver towards the end of the season and he explains that he just wants to use them (his powers) to save as many people as he can. By the end of the season, Sam and Dean take on Lilith, the demon that hold Dean's contract, in a last-ditch effort to kill her just hours before Dean's time is up, but they ultimately fail. Dean's time is up and he is torn apart by hell hounds, while Sam is off to the side and stuck to the wall from Lilith's powers. He has watched his brother get ripped to shreds and die in front of him, and Lilith tries to kill Sam as well using her powers, but he is instead 'immune' to her attack. When bringing him into this game, Lilith will just be attacking with her powers and when the light dissipates, Sam finds himself in this new place.

Overall Info:
Rating: G - NC17
Death: Discuss with me first, please!
Smut: With a plot, discuss with me first please!
Yaoi/Het: Depends; With everything else, discuss with me first please.

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